Mentor a student. Change a life.

Group 231

Connecting Across Generations

Our program is designed to harness the power of virtual connection. Not only does this make access more flexible for mentees and mentors, but it also leverages the convergence of online and off-line experiences. Our model propels us forward into the next generation, where messaging and video conferencing are essential to relationship building and ongoing professional success.

Make an Impact

Group 155

Empower Students

By connecting with mentors, our Green Dot students learn important skills, develop dynamic networks, and grow their social capital in ways that positively impact their lives.

Group 157

Engaging Experience

Mentors engage in an intentionally-structured, equity-centered mentorship experience that helps them orient more empathetically towards the challenges our students face, and collectively strive to work against issues of systemic inequity.

Group 150

Energized Employees

Ways To Get Involved

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Become a Mentor

Group 44@2x

Become a Partner

Who We Serve

The Green Dot National Mentorship Program serves high school students attending school in historically underserved communities located in South/East Los Angeles and South Memphis.


Who We Serve

Sources: Based on the most recently released enrollment data from
GDPS, the California Department of Education, and the Tennessee Department of Education.

Become a Partner

We are seeking partners who are willing to:

Commit to action on social change, particularly diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Commit a meaningful number of staff to participate in the program, including those in senior leadership and employees who identify as people of color.

Commit financial resources to broaden the impact of the program.

Engage Employees
While Empowering the
Next Generation


Be the Change

Build empathy through a shared experience

Commit to investing in diverse talent

Create a community that fosters deep connections across lines of difference

Develop common language and skills to promote Diversity Equity & Inclusion in the workplace

Elevate your brand by partnering with a well-respected organization serving over 15,000 students nationwide.

Equity Partner

To Lead


Equity is the foundation of strong mentorship.
Through Leverage to Lead’s intentional equity trainings, mentors
practice ways of being that promote inclusion in a way that contributes
positively to their workplace and everyday lives. Mentors participate in
intentionally designed spaces where they are encouraged to show up
as their most authentic selves, and in doing so, learn to create a
similarly safe space for their mentees.

Meet Our Partners

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Build a Lasting Relationship

Message Your Mentee

Use our unique virtual mentorship platform to initiate conversations and respond to questions from your mentee.

Video Conferencing

Connect with your mentee via our video conferencing portal to engage in shared learning and further establish your relationship.

Ongoing Leadership Development

Actively engage in live leadership development workshops designed through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mentor Journey


Learn more about the program through an info session 


Become a mentor


Meet with your mentee


Grow and network with other mentors through equity training


Change the odds

Mentorship FAQ