Green Dot is dedicated to providing equitable education and closing the opportunity gap for all scholars, regardless of background. Part of our commitment to equity includes valuing diversity and creating inclusive systems, which are paramount to our team.

Our Core Commitments

Disrupting Systemic Racism & Bias

Students will realize their full potential when we disrupt systemic racism and bias within the education system.

Academic Rigor for All

Students will have consistent access to content focused on grade level standards in every classroom, so they are prepared for college, leadership, and life.

Pedagogical Excellence

Students will have inspirational teachers in every classroom who apply pedagogy that values their knowledge and unique cultures.

Closing Opportunity Gaps

Students will have access to the resources and support they need to remove the predictability of success or failure based on any aspect of their identity.

Championing Diversity & Inclusion

Students will recognize their inherent power and value when we focus on diversity and inclusion by amplifying their unique talents, experiences, and cultures.

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