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Green Dot’s Class of 2022 has spent half of their high school careers persevering through the disruptions of a pandemic that has compounded the inequities in our education system. In achieving this landmark milestone, every one of our students has thrived in schools that change the odds. They are youthful warriors, full of strength and promise, setting out to make their mark on the world. We invite you to offer our graduates words of encouragement by writing a note that will be handed to them at graduation. It is a small act with big returns.

Great public schools create opportunity and make our society more equitable and successful for all

Green Dot purposefully locates its schools in the communities of highest need within our geographical reach. Our schools are small, supportive environments prioritizing the needs of all students. Our work is guided by an unwavering belief in the potential of every student to graduate prepared for college, leadership, and life. 

In the 21st Century, a college degree is the primary lever for American social mobility. Today, 72% of Green Dot’s graduates immediately enroll in college from communities where 2-4% of residents currently have a Bachelor’s degree. Since our founding, Green Dot has sent nearly 16,500 students to college.

Green Dot schools prepare students for entry to competitive four-year colleges. Our students, from the lowest-income communities in Los Angeles, Memphis, and Beaumont, TX are matching the performance of peers in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Palo Alto. Their capacity is unlimited, and access to a good school is transformational.

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Green Dot Public Schools is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to Green Dot Public Schools are tax deductible as allowed by law. Unless stated otherwise by the donor, contributions to Green Dot Public Schools are unrestricted, allowing the flexibility to allocate funds where they meet the greatest need. No goods or services were offered or provided in exchange for a contribution.

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