Why Choose Green Dot Public Schools

Green Dot Public Schools provides educational enrichment opportunities for future changemakers. We offer high-quality teachers, a nurturing environment, and a supportive college-bound culture.


Free 6 - 12 Charter Public Schools

Free, Healthy Breakfast & Lunch Daily

Social-Emotional Wellness & Whole Student Growth

Safe, Supportive Environment

Extracurricular in Academics, Arts, & Athletics

Highly Skilled Teachers & Leaders

Application Process

We’re excited to welcome you to one of our schools! Enrolling in one of our middle or high schools simply requires completing a lottery application. To obtain a paper version of the form, please contact us via email or call us at (323) 565-1600. You can also contact the school of your choice directly.



  1. Create an account using your phone number or email.

  2. Fill out your parent/guardian information and student profile.

  3. Select a Green Dot school.



  • Once you select a school, you can submit your application..

  • You will receive an email or text message confirming your successful application submission.




  • A Green Dot school representative will guide you through the enrollment process.

  • Green Dot admits students in grades 6-12 through a public, random drawing.


Ready to Enroll?

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