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At Ánimo Compton Charter School, we ignite a passion for learning! Our students dive into a dynamic curriculum that prepares them for college and beyond. From AP courses to dual enrollment opportunities, every student is set on a path to academic excellence.

College counseling

College dreams become reality here! With personalized guidance and a strong college-going culture, we equip our students with the tools they need for higher education. Our dedicated counselors ensure every scholar is ready to take on college, leadership, and life.

Campus Life

Experience a vibrant campus life at Ánimo Compton! Our students thrive in a nurturing environment filled with enriching activities and supportive staff. From leadership opportunities to a sense of community, every day is a step towards success.

Passion Pathways

Unleash your creativity at Ánimo Compton! Our pathway program empowers students to explore their talents and express themselves.  We provide the following pathways: 

  • STEM: App Creators, Medical Detectives, Engineering, AP Computer Science Principles & more
  • ARTS: Middle School and High School Visual Arts, Digital Arts & Design, Advanced Digital Arts, Photography


Get ready to play and excel at Ánimo Compton! Our athletics program is packed with opportunities for students to thrive in sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and cheer. With a strong focus on teamwork, fitness, and school spirit, we create champions on and off the field.



At Ánimo Compton, community is at the heart of everything we do. We proudly serve the vibrant  community, creating a nurturing environment where students and families feel at home. With strong support from teachers and counselors, our campus is a place where lifelong connections are made, and every student is set on a path to success.

Parent Quote

When we come in the front, they always have someone to greet us. They approach us and they know our name. They know who is on the campus, so I feel good about that.”

– LaShawn Browning

Parent of Ánimo Compton student

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