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At Ánimo Ralph Bunche, we uphold a rigorous academic environment that fosters a belief in the potential of every student. We offer college and career readiness classes and AP courses, including Calculus, English, Literature, Spanish Literature, US History, and World History, to ensure that students receive individualized attention. This personalized approach nurtures academic growth and prepares students for future success in higher education and beyond.

Whole Child Approach

Ánimo Ralph Bunche takes a holistic approach to education, valuing academics alongside social-emotional development. We prioritize addressing students as whole individuals, fostering safe spaces, and celebrating their unique identities with care and pride.

Dual Enrollment

Ánimo Ralph Bunche believes in promoting a college-going culture through dual enrollment opportunities with Los Angeles Trade Technical-College. Students have access to courses like College Communication, Visual Arts, Finance, Art, and Community Development, preparing them for higher learning and career readiness.

Sports & Clubs

Ánimo Ralph Bunche’s extensive club offerings, including Cooking, Dance, Wilderness Education, and Street Art, complement our CIF sports teams like Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field, Baseball, Softball, Cheer, and more. These diverse opportunities enrich students’ high school experience and prepare them for future success by fostering leadership skills, artistic expression, and personal growth.

Family Engagement

Ánimo Ralph Bunche believes in the adage that it takes a village to raise a child, which is why we actively involve parents every step of the way. We provide resources, training, and community events to empower and engage family members, ensuring our Parent Center plays a pivotal role in our school community.



Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School is a public school that serves the educational needs of those in the Los Angeles area. We view our parents and guardians as equal partners in providing our children with meaningful educational experiences. Families are welcome to join our School Advisory Council and actively participate in their student’s educational journey.

We have a strong sense of community with our sister school, Ánimo Jefferson Charter Middle School. Many students graduate from Ánimo Jefferson and continue on their path to college readiness at Ánimo Ralph Bunche, where they can expect the same care and excellence. 

Parent Quote

“This school feels like a family to us. The staff even feels like we are a family to them”

– Ana Prado

Ánimo Ralph Bunche High School Parent

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