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Ánimo Jackie Robinson excels in academics with a diverse range of offerings. Students can pursue rigorous AP Courses like Calculus, English Language, and Government, alongside specialized pathways in Visual Art, Drama, and Film. Our school supports student interests through elective options such as Ethnic Studies, Journalism, and Weightlifting, while also providing opportunities for Dual Enrollment in programs like LATTC’s Health Sciences cohort. With robust support programs, including Special Education, English Language Learner initiatives, and partnerships like Facing History, Youth Business Alliance, and Hazel Health, we ensure every student receives the necessary tools to succeed both academically and personally.


College counseling

Ánimo Jackie Robinson takes pride in its comprehensive approach to college counseling, providing students with invaluable opportunities through strategic partnerships and enriching college tours. Our College Program Partnerships, including College Match and the LATTC Steam Program, offer tailored guidance to ensure students find their ideal academic fit. Through transformative experiences like the East Coast Tour, HBCU’s Tour, Claremont Colleges Tour, and visits to local community colleges, such as those in the LACCD District and Santa Monica College, we empower students to explore diverse educational pathways. At Ánimo Jackie Robinson, we are committed to fostering college persistence and success, making us the ideal choice for ambitious students preparing for their future endeavors.

Campus Life

Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School boasts unrivaled school spirit in South LA, fueled by our strong athletics teams and close-knit community. Through engaging campus events and spirited gatherings, we cultivate a sense of unity and pride among students, faculty, and families. Our commitment to fostering a supportive and spirited environment ensures that every student feels connected and valued, making our school a vibrant hub of community spirit.


At Ánimo Jackie Robinson, our vibrant art and club programs offer students a rich tapestry of opportunities to explore and excel in their diverse interests. From engaging in drama and visual arts to developing leadership skills through various clubs focused on community service, students find avenues to express themselves creatively and make meaningful contributions. Our esteemed arts program has celebrated numerous Animo Voices winners, showcasing our students’ talents and achievements. Additionally, our programming includes enriching experiences such as museum tours, actor talks, and AP preparation courses, ensuring students receive comprehensive support and inspiration as they pursue their passions and academic goals.

Sports & Clubs

Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School boasts award-winning sports programs that enrich our students’ experiences both on and off the field. We take pride in our flourishing athletics, where teams like volleyball, basketball, soccer, and more thrive under dedicated coaching and enthusiastic support. Through these activities, students not only develop their talents but also cultivate teamwork, leadership skills, and a strong sense of community, fostering a well-rounded high school experience at Ánimo Jackie Robinson.



 Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School is a reflection of the rich diversity found in South LA, with a campus that embraces and celebrates our vibrant community. Serving 606 students, our school is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. This diversity enriches every aspect of campus life, from classroom discussions to extracurricular activities, facilitating a dynamic learning environment where students learn from each other’s experiences.

Student Quote

I was that kid sitting in the corner, not talking to anyone. But throughout the years, they offered drama and arts courses with so many great teachers that I slowly began to get out of my shell. I made some great friends. The people you meet, teachers, counselors, and even security guards, are like family. "

– Alexandra Aguilar, Class of 2022

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