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Our vibrant curriculum at Ánimo Florence-Firestone propels students toward success with college-prep courses and dynamic STEM programs. From engaging digital literacy to rigorous math and language arts, our students thrive in a supportive and stimulating environment.

STEM Pathways

Ánimo Florence-Firestone offers a robust STEM Pathway encompassing Environmental Science, Coding, Robotics, Medical Detectives, Flight and Space, and Green Space Architecture. This comprehensive program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in these fields, preparing them for future academic and career opportunities in STEM disciplines.

Campus Life

Ánimo Florence-Firestone’s campus is safe and welcoming. Our advisory classes teach and encourage positive and healthy behavior, including conflict resolution, anti-bullying, anti-hate speech, substance abuse, anti-vaping, and signs of suicide training. Additionally, students consistently complete the Second Step Social Emotional Learning Curriculum.

Family Engagement

We view our parents and guardians as equal partners in providing students with meaningful educational experiences. We encourage you to actively participate in your child’s education. Ánimo Florence-Firestone provides family resources and engagement activities throughout the year, including parenting workshops, a destigmatizing mental health parent group, grocery bag and other basic needs giveaways, financial wellness workshops, and so much more. Each parent or caregiver who participates can provide feedback on the activity and make recommendations to influence future opportunities.

Sports & Clubs

Ánimo Florence-Firestone supports the diverse interests of our students through a wide array of clubs and activities, such as Soccer, Music Club, Basketball, Painting, Flag Football, Book Club, Volleyball, Origami Club, Dance/Cheer Team, Gardening Club, Cooking Club, Gaming Club, Flower Arrangement Club, Running Club, Photography, Anime/Drawing Club, and the Gay-Straight Alliance. These opportunities allow students to explore their passions, develop new skills, and cultivate a well-rounded high school experience.



We view our parents and guardians as equal partners in providing our children with meaningful educational experiences. In 2023, we were honored to become a California Community Schools Grant Winner, allowing us to connect our families to partners and programs that support their needs.

We have built a strong sense of community with our sister school, Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School. Many of our students graduate from Ánimo Florence-Firestone and continue on their path to college readiness on the Ánimo Pat Brown campus. 

Student Quote

I think Ánimo Florence-Firestone and Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School are really good academically. The teachers were always there to support us. I feel that if I hadn’t attended [these schools], I really wouldn’t have had the potential or resources to get into a school like UCSD.

Nathan Navarrete

Graduate of Ánimo Florence-Firestone
and Ánimo Pat Brown

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