Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at Green Dot

As part of Green Dot Public Schools’ mission to prepare all students for success in college, leadership and life, we are dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for students.  

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned that we need to be intentional in creating systems that value the unique contributions of our students, families, and staff to transform public education.

As a result, we commit to explicitly embedding a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens in our organizational culture, our educational practices, and our talent practices.

For additional context on DEI at Green Dot, read the full commitment statement

What we mean by DEI


The collective mix of differences and similarities amongst individuals within our community that includes, for example, individual characteristics, values, beliefs and experiences.


Green Dot will be equitable when we've removed the predictability of success or failure based on any aspect of one's identity.


Green Dot will be inclusive when we create an environment in which all individuals feel a sense of belonging in our diverse community, enabling them to contribute to our mission.

Our DEI Commitments

We commit to creating the space for ongoing and open discourse about DEI, perpetuating a welcoming culture to create a richer context for community building, and being genuinely willing to consider new perspectives, while appreciating individual similarities and differences.

We commit to further celebrating the assets within the communities we serve and continuing to find opportunities to incorporate student and family voice in our work.

We commit to our beliefs in DEI being present in our decision-making and our actions.

We commit to innovating, adapting, and reflecting on current systems, structures and practices to help us fulfill our mission.

We commit to transparency even as we tackle new and complex work.

We commit to providing supports that make all staff feel empowered, appreciated and successful in doing the critical work needed to fulfill our mission.

We commit to being culturally-responsive in our curricular choices, pedagogical practices, student policies, academic pathways, and programming so that our students feel valued in our classrooms.

In our schools, we commit to providing differentiated supports and building authentic connections to meet the needs of each student.

We commit to reflecting on our identities and beliefs and addressing our own biases in the context of the communities we serve.

We commit to better understanding students’ experiences and making learning personally meaningful.

We commit to recruiting a talented and diverse team.

We commit to taking a purposeful approach to continuing to connect students to educators of similar backgrounds.

We commit to “growing our own” educators from the communities we serve.

We commit to helping students connect with staff representing a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives in preparation for their life beyond Green Dot.