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The Challenge

The biggest driver of upward mobility in America today is a college education. About 90% of first-generation college students from low-income households do not graduate college within six years, or they drop out completely. Yet, 90% of students from low-income backgrounds who get a college degree will escape the poverty of their childhood. 

Become a Partner

College Persistence partners are instrumental in supporting Green Dot graduates as they transition to college, leadership, and life.

Solidarity Partners


Our 'Solidarity' partners share our common interest to ensure that first- generation college-going students from low-income households have access and exposure to the necessary resources and tools to successfully transition to and graduate from college. Our shared impact is helping students build confidence that earning a college degree is for them.

Our Solidarity partners are committed to:

  • Provide comprehensive and unique access to the college's outreach and support services for Green Dot students (e.g. Campus tours and admissions presentations)
  • College personnel attend and address key Green Dot programs, such as our College and Career Conference and Launch to College event
  • Annual visit to Green Dot schools
  • Sharing information about all academic and social supports available to first-generation college-going students from low-income households
  • Assigning key department personnel to be an "institutional champion," or touchpoint, for Green Dot students
  • Participating in an Annual Persistence Review session with the Green Dot Persistence team to adapt and refine strategies

Synergry Partners


Our 'Synergy' partners are working to ensure students admitted to the college also enroll for the fall term. Our collective impact at this level is to reduce "summer melt" and increase persistence through data sharing and joint persistence programs.

Synergy partners build on the Solidarity partnership, as well as:

  • Exchange enrollment and persistence data with Green Dot
  • Jointly coordinate summer transition and persistence programs (i.e. summer workshops, two-day overnight orientations, on-campus mentors, and summer bridge programs)
  • Provide meeting and program rooms for Green Dot and on-campus mentors
  • Participating in a Biannual Persistence Review meeting with the Green Dot Persistence team

Champion Partners


'Champion' partners enthusiastically support our mission to lower the college completion gap for first-generation college-going students from low-income households by providing priority admission and full need-based financial aid packages. Our goal is to ensure 100% of cohort participants successfully graduate from college.

Champion Partners build on both Solidarity and Synergy partnership commitments, as well as:

  • Guaranteed priority admissions status to a cohort of Green Dot students
  • Offer a fully funded cohort model of full-tuition/full-need scholarships for a mutually agreed number of Green Dot students
  • Enroll students to attend summer transition programs at no additional cost
  • Providing students with joint academic advising during their undergraduate career
  • Granting priority enrollment and registration in courses
  • Provide access to internships or study abroad programs
  • Participate in a Quarterly Persistence Review meeting with the Green Dot Persistence team

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