Green Dot Public Schools Partners With IFGworld to Bring Mental Wellness Support through Virtual Reality

Johnson: We cannot expect strong academic growth and success from students who aren’t also supported mentally and emotionally

Los Angeles, CA – This spring, Green Dot Public Schools is launching a partnership with IFGworld, a virtual reality (VR) studio focused on mental wellness, to support student mental health through the use of VR. Green Dot will integrate this program into 11 schools in our California network. “We are committed to finding innovative practices that have meaningful impacts on students’ lives, and we are excited about the benefits of this endeavour” remarked Annette Gonzalez, Chief Academic Officer at Green Dot Public Schools.

Through this collaboration, counselors at 11 Green Dot schools will work with students to use VR headsets to explore different interactive and immersive virtual environments to help reduce anxiety and learn mindfulness techniques for use in their daily lives. “Our students are already resilient and we are strengthening their ability to utilize wellness strategies that will support them through navigating academic, social, and personal challenges.” said Janneth Johnson, Director of Counseling and Student Services at Green Dot Public Schools.

Providing comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and responsive health services to students has been a continued priority for Green Dot. Utilizing VR technology will provide counseling teams with new tools to support students’ mental wellness and improve overall well-being. This partnership is one of many ways Green Dot has committed to pushing toward greater innovation in an inclusive academic and social-emotional approach to meet the evolving needs of all students.

IFGworld has partnered with schools and health institutions to improve mental wellness  and reduce anxiety through VR. “We are proud to partner with a first class organization in Green Dot that is always looking to innovate for students’ wellbeing and are confident our VR software can help in lowering anxiety and providing a well rounded mental wellness experience.” said Dr. Stephen Liu, Founder/Chairman of IFGworld. IFGworld is a mission driven wellness technology company  founded with the vision to create evidence based content to improve mental wellness and quality of life.


About Green Dot Public Schools

Green Dot Public Schools is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping transform public education for all students so that they can graduate prepared for college, leadership and life. A nationally recognized leader in school turnarounds, Green Dot Public Schools works to serve families and students in historically underserved communities. Green Dot Public Schools is one of the top three largest charter public school providers in the country, with more than 20 Title I secondary schools located in California and Tennessee. 

About IFGworld

IFGworld is an evidence based virtual reality (VR) studio that develops meaningful and immersive experiences to better mental wellness. The WORLDS app developed by IFGworld takes full advantage of the Oculus VR headset, through mental relaxation environments that reduce anxiety, stress, and anger to promote enhanced wellbeing. WORLDS utilizes layered 3D sound design and numerous points of discovery per world to engage users in a deeply immersive state of being, improving effective mental growth, healing and wellness.