Green Dot Applauds Panel’s Findings on Random Metal Detection of Students

August 7, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA – In response to the findings released by City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Blue Ribbon Panel on School Safety, Green Dot Public Schools California CEO, Dr. Cristina de Jesus, issued the following statement:


"On behalf of administrators, teachers and staff at Green Dot Public Schools, I want to commend Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer and the Blue Ribbon Panel on School Safety for its work and findings that determined what so many of us who work closely with students know: the practice of ‘wanding’ is ineffective, contributes to a poorer learning environment and has no place on school campuses in Los Angeles. As the City Attorney in fact noted, LAUSD finds more weapons via tips from students than from random searches.


The real way to create safe schools is by building up a culture of trust and mutual respect among students, teachers and staff alongside significant investments in social and emotional learning and support. We have heard over and over from our students that the practice of random ‘wanding’ erodes that relationship and in turn diminishes students’ ability to learn and thrive.


At Green Dot, we are committed to finding productive, supportive ways to foster safe schools at all our campuses. That means working closely with students, parents, families, the communities we serve, law enforcement and LAUSD to refine and implement practices that promote both safety and learning. Safety and learning are and always will be our top priorities.”