Green Dot Public Schools thanks Washington State Legislature for their work on the new charter school law

For Immediate Release  

April 1, 2016

Contact: Karen Waters, 206.334.0822


Tacoma, WA – Green Dot Public Schools today is celebrating the new charter law that will help ensure students and families have public school choice in Washington state.

Today Governor Inslee announced he will not sign the public charter school bill that was passed by the Washington state House and Senate and instead let it go into law on April 2. Green Dot Public Schools applauds the Washington state Legislature for their bipartisan work that honors Washington state’s voters and keeps public charter schools open.

The new law means Destiny Middle School in Tacoma will be re-instated as a public charter school and move forward on its plans to offer a full 6th and 7th grade program.The new law ensures that Destiny will continue to serve its diverse student population of 86 percent students of color, 83 percent students in the Free or Reduced-price Lunch program and 22 percent students with special needs. Destiny is committed to providing a free education that prepares each and every student for college, leadership, and life.

“Thank you to all those who courageously stood up for our students to make this new law possible,” said Bree Dusseault, Executive Director at Green Dot Public Schools Washington. “You have acted in the best interest of students across Washington State and been fearless in championing our families’ rights and voice.”

Dusseault also thanked the Mary Walker School District for their partnership that helped ensure students in public charter schools could remain in their current learning environment while lawmakers worked to find a fix to keep public charter schools open.

“Our students, families, staff and community supporters have helped shape the the culture of Destiny Middle School and made this new law possible,” Dusseault said. “Together you ensured this public school option will be available to students in Tacoma and across the state. Our number one priority is our students’ education. Our focus is operating a great school, hiring a great staff for next year, and sharing the news about public options for students entering 6th and 7th grades.”

Green Dot Public Schools is committed to the fight for equitable and stable funding for our public schools. Just as our students, families and staff fought for our schools to stay open, Green Dot will make our voices heard and let lawmakers know they must take additional action now to fully fund Washington state’s public schools and properly address the McCleary lawsuit.


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